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javax::swing::JToggleButton Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::swing::JToggleButton:

javax::swing::AbstractButton javax::accessibility::Accessible javax::swing::JComponent java::awt::ItemSelectable javax::swing::SwingConstants java::awt::Container java::io::Serializable java::awt::Component java::awt::Component java::io::Serializable java::awt::MenuContainer java::awt::image::ImageObserver java::io::Serializable java::awt::MenuContainer java::awt::image::ImageObserver java::io::Serializable java::awt::MenuContainer java::awt::image::ImageObserver java::io::Serializable java::awt::MenuContainer java::awt::image::ImageObserver javax::swing::JCheckBox javax::swing::JRadioButton

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Detailed Description

The JToggleButton component provides a stateful button, which can be either selected or unselected. This provides the basis for the implementations of radio buttons (JRadioButton) and check boxes (JCheckBox).

Michael Koch (konqueror@gmx.de)

Graydon Hoare (graydon@redhat.com)

Andrew John Hughes (gnu_andrew@member.fsf.org)

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Definition at line 64 of file JToggleButton.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean action (Event evt, Object what)
void add (PopupMenu menu)
void add (Component comp, Object constraints, int index)
void add (Component comp, Object constraints)
Component add (Component comp, int index)
Component add (String name, Component comp)
Component add (Component comp)
Component add (String name, Component child)
Component add (Component child, int index)
void add (Component child, Object constraints, int index)
void add (Component child, Object constraints)
Component add (Component child)
void addActionListener (ActionListener l)
void addAncestorListener (AncestorListener listener)
void addChangeListener (ChangeListener l)
synchronized void addComponentListener (ComponentListener listener)
void addComponentListener (ComponentListener newListener)
synchronized void addContainerListener (ContainerListener listener)
void addContainerListener (ContainerListener newListener)
synchronized void addFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
void addFocusListener (FocusListener newListener)
synchronized void addHierarchyBoundsListener (HierarchyBoundsListener listener)
synchronized void addHierarchyListener (HierarchyListener listener)
synchronized void addInputMethodListener (InputMethodListener listener)
void addItemListener (ItemListener l)
synchronized void addKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void addKeyListener (KeyListener newListener)
synchronized void addMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void addMouseListener (MouseListener newListener)
synchronized void addMouseMotionListener (MouseMotionListener listener)
void addMouseMotionListener (MouseMotionListener newListener)
synchronized void addMouseWheelListener (MouseWheelListener listener)
void addNotify ()
void addPropertyChangeListener (String propertyName, PropertyChangeListener listener)
void addPropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener)
void addVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener)
void applyComponentOrientation (ComponentOrientation orientation)
boolean areFocusTraversalKeysSet (int id)
Rectangle bounds ()
Rectangle bounds ()
int checkImage (Image image, int width, int height, ImageObserver observer)
int checkImage (Image image, ImageObserver observer)
int checkImage (Image image, int width, int height, ImageObserver obs)
int checkImage (Image image, ImageObserver obs)
void computeVisibleRect (Rectangle rect)
boolean contains (Point pt)
boolean contains (int x, int y)
int countComponents ()
int countComponents ()
Image createImage (int width, int height)
Image createImage (ImageProducer producer)
Image createImage (int width, int height)
Image createImage (ImageProducer producer)
JToolTip createToolTip ()
VolatileImage createVolatileImage (int width, int height, ImageCapabilities caps) throws AWTException
VolatileImage createVolatileImage (int width, int height)
void deliverEvent (Event e)
void disable ()
void disableEvents (long disableMask)
final void dispatchEvent (AWTEvent e)
final void dispatchEvent (AWTEvent evt)
void doClick (int pressTime)
void doClick ()
void doLayout ()
void doLayout ()
void enable (boolean isEnabled)
void enable ()
void enableEvents (long enableMask)
void enableInputMethods (boolean enable)
Component findComponentAt (Point p)
Component findComponentAt (int x, int y)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, short oldValue, short newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, long oldValue, long newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, int oldValue, int newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, float oldValue, float newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, double oldValue, double newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, char oldValue, char newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, byte oldValue, byte newValue)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, boolean oldValue, boolean newValue)
AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext ()
Action getAction ()
String getActionCommand ()
ActionListener getActionForKeyStroke (KeyStroke ks)
ActionListener[] getActionListeners ()
final ActionMap getActionMap ()
float getAlignmentX ()
float getAlignmentY ()
AncestorListener[] getAncestorListeners ()
boolean getAutoscrolls ()
Color getBackground ()
Color getBackground ()
Border getBorder ()
Rectangle getBounds ()
Rectangle getBounds (Rectangle rv)
ChangeListener[] getChangeListeners ()
final Object getClientProperty (Object key)
ColorModel getColorModel ()
ColorModel getColorModel ()
Component getComponent (int n)
Component getComponent (int index)
Component getComponentAt (Point p)
Component getComponentAt (int x, int y)
Component getComponentAt (int x, int y)
Component getComponentAt (Point pt)
int getComponentCount ()
int getComponentCount ()
synchronized ComponentListener[] getComponentListeners ()
ComponentOrientation getComponentOrientation ()
Component[] getComponents ()
Component[] getComponents ()
int getConditionForKeyStroke (KeyStroke ks)
synchronized ContainerListener[] getContainerListeners ()
Cursor getCursor ()
Cursor getCursor ()
int getDebugGraphicsOptions ()
Icon getDisabledIcon ()
Icon getDisabledSelectedIcon ()
int getDisplayedMnemonicIndex ()
DropTarget getDropTarget ()
Container getFocusCycleRootAncestor ()
synchronized FocusListener[] getFocusListeners ()
Set getFocusTraversalKeys (int id)
boolean getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled ()
FocusTraversalPolicy getFocusTraversalPolicy ()
Font getFont ()
Font getFont ()
FontMetrics getFontMetrics (Font font)
FontMetrics getFontMetrics (Font font)
Color getForeground ()
Color getForeground ()
Graphics getGraphics ()
GraphicsConfiguration getGraphicsConfiguration ()
int getHeight ()
getHierarchyBoundsListeners ()
synchronized HierarchyListener[] getHierarchyListeners ()
int getHorizontalAlignment ()
int getHorizontalTextPosition ()
Icon getIcon ()
int getIconTextGap ()
boolean getIgnoreRepaint ()
InputContext getInputContext ()
final InputMap getInputMap ()
final InputMap getInputMap (int condition)
synchronized InputMethodListener[] getInputMethodListeners ()
InputMethodRequests getInputMethodRequests ()
InputVerifier getInputVerifier ()
Insets getInsets (Insets insets)
Insets getInsets ()
ItemListener[] getItemListeners ()
synchronized KeyListener[] getKeyListeners ()
String getLabel ()
LayoutManager getLayout ()
LayoutManager getLayout ()
EventListener[] getListeners (Class listenerType)
Locale getLocale ()
Locale getLocale ()
Point getLocation ()
Point getLocation (Point rv)
Point getLocationOnScreen ()
Point getLocationOnScreen ()
Insets getMargin ()
Dimension getMaximumSize ()
Dimension getMinimumSize ()
int getMnemonic ()
ButtonModel getModel ()
synchronized MouseListener[] getMouseListeners ()
synchronized MouseMotionListener[] getMouseMotionListeners ()
synchronized MouseWheelListener[] getMouseWheelListeners ()
long getMultiClickThreshhold ()
String getName ()
String getName ()
Component getNextFocusableComponent ()
Container getParent ()
Container getParent ()
ComponentPeer getPeer ()
ComponentPeer getPeer ()
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
Icon getPressedIcon ()
PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners ()
PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners (String property)
KeyStroke[] getRegisteredKeyStrokes ()
Icon getRolloverIcon ()
Icon getRolloverSelectedIcon ()
JRootPane getRootPane ()
Icon getSelectedIcon ()
Object[] getSelectedObjects ()
Dimension getSize ()
Dimension getSize (Dimension rv)
String getText ()
Toolkit getToolkit ()
Toolkit getToolkit ()
Point getToolTipLocation (MouseEvent event)
String getToolTipText (MouseEvent event)
String getToolTipText ()
Container getTopLevelAncestor ()
TransferHandler getTransferHandler ()
final Object getTreeLock ()
final Object getTreeLock ()
ButtonUI getUI ()
String getUIClassID ()
boolean getVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget ()
int getVerticalAlignment ()
int getVerticalTextPosition ()
VetoableChangeListener[] getVetoableChangeListeners ()
Rectangle getVisibleRect ()
int getWidth ()
int getX ()
int getY ()
boolean gotFocus (Event evt, Object what)
boolean gotFocus (Event evt, Object what)
void grabFocus ()
boolean handleEvent (Event evt)
boolean handleEvent (Event evt)
boolean hasFocus ()
void hide ()
boolean imageUpdate (Image img, int infoflags, int x, int y, int w, int h)
Insets insets ()
Insets insets ()
boolean inside (int x, int y)
boolean inside (int x, int y)
void invalidate ()
void invalidate ()
boolean isAncestorOf (Component comp)
boolean isAncestorOf (Component c)
boolean isBackgroundSet ()
boolean isBorderPainted ()
boolean isContentAreaFilled ()
boolean isCursorSet ()
boolean isDisplayable ()
boolean isDoubleBuffered ()
boolean isEnabled ()
boolean isEnabled ()
boolean isFocusable ()
boolean isFocusCycleRoot ()
boolean isFocusCycleRoot (Container c)
boolean isFocusOwner ()
boolean isFocusPainted ()
boolean isFocusTraversable ()
boolean isFocusTraversable ()
boolean isFocusTraversalPolicySet ()
boolean isFontSet ()
boolean isForegroundSet ()
boolean isLightweight ()
boolean isManagingFocus ()
boolean isMaximumSizeSet ()
boolean isMinimumSizeSet ()
boolean isOpaque ()
boolean isOptimizedDrawingEnabled ()
boolean isPaintingTile ()
boolean isPreferredSizeSet ()
boolean isRequestFocusEnabled ()
boolean isRolloverEnabled ()
boolean isSelected ()
boolean isShowing ()
boolean isShowing ()
boolean isValid ()
boolean isValid ()
boolean isValidateRoot ()
boolean isVisible ()
boolean isVisible ()
 JToggleButton (String text, Icon icon, boolean selected)
 JToggleButton (String text, Icon icon)
 JToggleButton (String text, boolean selected)
 JToggleButton (String text)
 JToggleButton (Icon icon, boolean selected)
 JToggleButton (Icon icon)
 JToggleButton (Action a)
 JToggleButton ()
boolean keyDown (Event evt, int key)
boolean keyDown (Event evt, int key)
boolean keyUp (Event evt, int key)
boolean keyUp (Event evt, int key)
void layout ()
void layout ()
void list (PrintWriter out)
void list (PrintStream out)
void list ()
void list (PrintWriter out, int indent)
void list (PrintStream out, int indent)
void list (PrintWriter out, int indent)
void list (PrintStream out, int indent)
Component locate (int x, int y)
Component locate (int x, int y)
Point location ()
Point location ()
boolean lostFocus (Event evt, Object what)
boolean lostFocus (Event evt, Object what)
Dimension minimumSize ()
boolean mouseDown (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseDown (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseDrag (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseDrag (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseEnter (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseEnter (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseExit (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseExit (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseMove (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseMove (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseUp (Event evt, int x, int y)
boolean mouseUp (Event evt, int x, int y)
void move (int x, int y)
void move (int x, int y)
void nextFocus ()
void nextFocus ()
void paint (Graphics g)
void paintAll (Graphics g)
void paintAll (Graphics g)
void paintComponents (Graphics g)
void paintComponents (Graphics gc)
void paintImmediately (Rectangle r)
void paintImmediately (int x, int y, int w, int h)
boolean postEvent (Event e)
boolean postEvent (Event evt)
Dimension preferredSize ()
boolean prepareImage (Image image, int width, int height, ImageObserver observer)
boolean prepareImage (Image image, ImageObserver observer)
boolean prepareImage (Image image, int width, int height, ImageObserver obs)
boolean prepareImage (Image image, ImageObserver obs)
void print (Graphics g)
void printAll (Graphics g)
void printBorder (Graphics g)
void printChildren (Graphics g)
void printComponent (Graphics g)
void printComponents (Graphics g)
void printComponents (Graphics g)
void processContainerEvent (ContainerEvent event)
final void putClientProperty (Object key, Object value)
void registerKeyboardAction (ActionListener act, String cmd, KeyStroke stroke, int cond)
void registerKeyboardAction (ActionListener act, KeyStroke stroke, int cond)
void remove (MenuComponent mc)
void remove (Component comp)
void remove (int index)
void remove (int index)
void remove (Component c)
void removeActionListener (ActionListener l)
void removeAll ()
void removeAll ()
void removeAncestorListener (AncestorListener listener)
void removeChangeListener (ChangeListener l)
synchronized void removeComponentListener (ComponentListener listener)
void removeComponentListener (ComponentListener client)
synchronized void removeContainerListener (ContainerListener listener)
void removeContainerListener (ContainerListener listener)
synchronized void removeFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
void removeFocusListener (FocusListener listener)
synchronized void removeHierarchyBoundsListener (HierarchyBoundsListener listener)
synchronized void removeHierarchyListener (HierarchyListener listener)
synchronized void removeInputMethodListener (InputMethodListener listener)
void removeItemListener (ItemListener l)
synchronized void removeKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
void removeKeyListener (KeyListener listener)
synchronized void removeMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
void removeMouseListener (MouseListener listener)
synchronized void removeMouseMotionListener (MouseMotionListener listener)
void removeMouseMotionListener (MouseMotionListener listener)
synchronized void removeMouseWheelListener (MouseWheelListener listener)
void removeNotify ()
void removePropertyChangeListener (String propertyName, PropertyChangeListener listener)
void removePropertyChangeListener (PropertyChangeListener listener)
void removeVetoableChangeListener (VetoableChangeListener listener)
void repaint (long ms)
void repaint (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void repaint ()
void repaint (Rectangle r)
void repaint (long tm, int x, int y, int width, int height)
boolean requestDefaultFocus ()
boolean requestFocus (boolean temporary)
void requestFocus ()
boolean requestFocusInWindow (boolean temporary)
boolean requestFocusInWindow ()
void resetKeyboardActions ()
void reshape (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void resize (Dimension d)
void resize (int width, int height)
void resize (int wNew, int hNew)
void resize (Dimension d)
void revalidate ()
void scrollRectToVisible (Rectangle r)
void setAction (Action a)
void setActionCommand (String actionCommand)
final void setActionMap (ActionMap map)
void setAlignmentX (float a)
void setAlignmentY (float a)
void setAutoscrolls (boolean a)
void setBackground (Color bg)
void setBorder (Border newBorder)
void setBorderPainted (boolean b)
void setBounds (Rectangle r)
void setBounds (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void setBounds (int xNew, int yNew, int wNew, int hNew)
void setBounds (Rectangle r)
void setComponentOrientation (ComponentOrientation o)
void setContentAreaFilled (boolean b)
void setCursor (Cursor cursor)
void setCursor (Cursor newCursor)
void setDebugGraphicsOptions (int debugOptions)
void setDisabledIcon (Icon d)
void setDisabledSelectedIcon (Icon icon)
void setDisplayedMnemonicIndex (int index)
void setDoubleBuffered (boolean db)
void setDropTarget (DropTarget dt)
void setEnabled (boolean b)
void setFocusable (boolean focusable)
void setFocusCycleRoot (boolean focusCycleRoot)
void setFocusPainted (boolean p)
void setFocusTraversalKeys (int id, Set keystrokes)
void setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled (boolean focusTraversalKeysEnabled)
void setFocusTraversalPolicy (FocusTraversalPolicy policy)
void setFont (Font f)
void setForeground (Color fg)
void setHorizontalAlignment (int a)
void setHorizontalTextPosition (int t)
void setIcon (Icon i)
void setIconTextGap (int i)
void setIgnoreRepaint (boolean ignoreRepaint)
final void setInputMap (int condition, InputMap map)
void setInputVerifier (InputVerifier verifier)
void setLabel (String label)
void setLayout (LayoutManager mgr)
void setLayout (LayoutManager newLayout)
void setLocale (Locale newLocale)
void setLocale (Locale loc)
void setLocation (Point p)
void setLocation (int x, int y)
void setLocation (int x, int y)
void setLocation (Point pt)
void setMargin (Insets m)
void setMaximumSize (Dimension max)
void setMinimumSize (Dimension min)
void setMnemonic (int mne)
void setMnemonic (char mne)
void setModel (ButtonModel newModel)
void setMultiClickThreshhold (long threshhold)
void setName (String name)
void setName (String newName)
void setNextFocusableComponent (Component aComponent)
void setOpaque (boolean isOpaque)
void setPreferredSize (Dimension pref)
void setPressedIcon (Icon pressedIcon)
void setRequestFocusEnabled (boolean e)
void setRolloverEnabled (boolean r)
void setRolloverIcon (Icon r)
void setRolloverSelectedIcon (Icon r)
void setSelected (boolean s)
void setSelectedIcon (Icon s)
void setSize (Dimension d)
void setSize (int width, int height)
void setSize (int newWidth, int newHeight)
void setSize (Dimension dim)
void setText (String t)
void setToolTipText (String text)
void setTransferHandler (TransferHandler newHandler)
void setUI (ButtonUI ui)
void setVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget (boolean verifyInputWhenFocusTarget)
void setVerticalAlignment (int a)
void setVerticalTextPosition (int t)
void setVisible (boolean v)
void show (boolean b)
void show ()
Dimension size ()
Dimension size ()
String toString ()
String toString ()
void transferFocus ()
void transferFocus ()
void transferFocusBackward ()
void transferFocusDownCycle ()
void transferFocusUpCycle ()
void unregisterKeyboardAction (KeyStroke aKeyStroke)
void update (Graphics g)
void updateUI ()
void validate ()
void validate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Locale getDefaultLocale ()
static boolean isLightweightComponent (Component c)
static void setDefaultLocale (Locale l)

Public Attributes

int ABORT = 128
int ALLBITS = 32
int BOTTOM = 3
int EAST = 3
int ERROR = 64
int FRAMEBITS = 16
int HEIGHT = 2
int LEADING = 10
int LEFT = 2
int NEXT = 12
int NORTH = 1
int NORTH_EAST = 2
int NORTH_WEST = 8
int PREVIOUS = 13
int RIGHT = 4
int SOMEBITS = 8
int SOUTH = 5
int SOUTH_EAST = 4
int SOUTH_WEST = 6
int TOP = 1
int TRAILING = 11
int VERTICAL = 1
int WEST = 7

Static Public Attributes

static final String BORDER_PAINTED_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "borderPainted"
static final float BOTTOM_ALIGNMENT = 1
final static float BOTTOM_ALIGNMENT = 1.0f
static final float CENTER_ALIGNMENT = 0.5f
final static float CENTER_ALIGNMENT = 0.5f
static final String DISABLED_ICON_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "disabledIcon"
static final String FOCUS_PAINTED_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "focusPainted"
static final String ICON_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "icon"
static final float LEFT_ALIGNMENT = 0
final static float LEFT_ALIGNMENT = 0.0f
static final String MARGIN_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "margin"
static final String MNEMONIC_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "mnemonic"
static final String MODEL_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "model"
static final String PRESSED_ICON_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "pressedIcon"
static final float RIGHT_ALIGNMENT = 1
final static float RIGHT_ALIGNMENT = 1.0f
static final String ROLLOVER_ICON_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "rolloverIcon"
static final String SELECTED_ICON_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "selectedIcon"
static final String TEXT_CHANGED_PROPERTY = "text"
static final String TOOL_TIP_TEXT_KEY = "ToolTipText"
static final float TOP_ALIGNMENT = 0
final static float TOP_ALIGNMENT = 0.0f
static final int UNDEFINED_CONDITION = -1
static final int WHEN_FOCUSED = 0
static final int WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW = 2

Protected Member Functions

void addImpl (Component comp, Object constraints, int index)
void addImpl (Component child, Object constraints, int index)
int checkHorizontalKey (int key, String exception)
int checkVerticalKey (int key, String exception)
AWTEvent coalesceEvents (AWTEvent existingEvent, AWTEvent newEvent)
void configurePropertiesFromAction (Action a)
ActionListener createActionListener ()
PropertyChangeListener createActionPropertyChangeListener (Action a)
ChangeListener createChangeListener ()
ItemListener createItemListener ()
final void disableEvents (long eventsToDisable)
final void enableEvents (long eventsToEnable)
void fireActionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void fireItemStateChanged (ItemEvent e)
void firePropertyChange (String propertyName, Object oldValue, Object newValue)
void fireStateChanged ()
void fireVetoableChange (String propertyName, Object oldValue, Object newValue) throws PropertyVetoException
Graphics getComponentGraphics (Graphics g)
void init (String text, Icon icon)
void paintBorder (Graphics g)
void paintChildren (Graphics g)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
String paramString ()
void processActionEvent (ActionEvent e)
void processAdjustmentEvent (AdjustmentEvent e)
void processComponentEvent (ComponentEvent e)
void processComponentEvent (ComponentEvent event)
void processComponentKeyEvent (KeyEvent e)
void processContainerEvent (ContainerEvent e)
void processEvent (AWTEvent e)
void processFocusEvent (FocusEvent e)
void processFocusEvent (FocusEvent event)
void processHierarchyBoundsEvent (HierarchyEvent e)
void processHierarchyEvent (HierarchyEvent e)
void processInputMethodEvent (InputMethodEvent e)
void processItemEvent (ItemEvent e)
boolean processKeyBinding (KeyStroke ks, KeyEvent e, int condition, boolean pressed)
void processKeyEvent (KeyEvent e)
void processMouseEvent (MouseEvent e)
void processMouseEvent (MouseEvent event)
void processMouseMotionEvent (MouseEvent ev)
void processMouseWheelEvent (MouseWheelEvent e)
void processTextEvent (TextEvent e)
void processWindowEvent (WindowEvent e)
void setUI (ComponentUI newUI)
void swapComponents (int i, int j)
void validateTree ()
void validateTree ()

Protected Attributes

AccessibleContext accessibleContext
ActionListener actionListener
ChangeEvent changeEvent = new ChangeEvent(this)
ChangeListener changeListener
ItemListener itemListener
EventListenerList listenerList = new EventListenerList()
ButtonModel model
ComponentUI ui

Package Functions

void checkMouseAware ()
void cleanUpNative ()
Graphics clipSiblings (Component child, NativeGraphics g)
void createNative ()
void destroyNative ()
void dispatchEventImpl (AWTEvent e)
void dump (String prefix)
void emitRepaints (int ux, int uy, int uw, int uh)
boolean eventTypeEnabled (int eventId)
Component findComponentForMouseEventAt (int x, int y)
Component findNextFocusComponent (Component child)
void fireAncestorEvent (JComponent ancestor, int id)
String generateName ()
ClassProperties getClassProperties ()
GraphicsConfiguration getGraphicsConfigurationImpl ()
Pointer getNativeData ()
Component getToplevel ()
boolean hasDirties ()
boolean intersects (int u, int v, int w, int h)
boolean intersects (Rectangle r)
boolean intersects (Component c)
void invalidateTree ()
void kaffePaintBorder (Graphics g, int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
void kaffePaintBorder (Graphics g)
void kaffePaintBorder ()
synchronized void linkGraphics (NativeGraphics g)
void markRepaints (int ux, int uy, int uw, int uh)
void paintDoubleBuffered (Graphics g)
void paintImmediately2 (Rectangle r)
void paintSimple (Graphics g)
void process (WindowEvent e)
void process (TextEvent e)
void process (KeyEvent e)
void process (ItemEvent e)
void process (FocusEvent e)
void process (ComponentEvent e)
void process (AdjustmentEvent e)
void process (ActionEvent e)
void process (ContainerEvent e)
void processMotion (MouseEvent e)
void processMouse (MouseEvent e)
void processPaintEvent (int id, int ux, int uy, int uw, int uh)
void propagateBgClr (Color clr)
void propagateFgClr (Color clr)
void propagateFont (Font fnt)
void propagateParentShowing (boolean isTemporary)
void propagateReshape ()
void propagateTempEnabled (boolean isEnabled)
void setNativeCursor (Cursor cursor)
final void setPeer (ComponentPeer peer)
PopupMenu triggerPopup (int x, int y)
synchronized void unlinkGraphics (NativeGraphics g)
void updateComponentInputMap (ComponentInputMap changed)
synchronized void updateLinkedGraphics ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
static Event translateEvent (AWTEvent e)

Package Attributes

Action action
PropertyChangeListener actionPropertyChangeListener
float alignmentX = -1.0F
float alignmentY = -1.0F
boolean autoscrolls = false
Color background
Color bgClr
Border border
boolean borderPainted
transient BufferStrategy bufferStrategy
int CENTER = 0
Component[] children
ComponentListener cmpListener
ContainerListener cntrListener
Component[] component
transient ComponentListener componentListener
int componentSerializedDataVersion = 4
transient ContainerListener containerListener
int containerSerializedDataVersion
boolean contentAreaFilled
Icon current_icon
Cursor cursor
int debugGraphicsOptions
Rectangle deco = noDeco
Icon default_icon
Icon disabeldIcon
Icon disabledSelectedIcon
LightweightDispatcher dispatcher
boolean doubleBuffered = true
DropTarget dropTarget
boolean enabled = true
int eventMask
Color fgClr
int flags = IS_VISIBLE
boolean focusable = true
boolean focusCycleRoot
transient FocusListener focusListener
FocusListener focusListener
boolean focusPainted
transient Set[] focusTraversalKeys
boolean focusTraversalKeysEnabled = true
Font font
Color foreground
transient GraphicsConfiguration graphicsConfig
int height
transient HierarchyBoundsListener hierarchyBoundsListener
transient HierarchyListener hierarchyListener
int horizontalAlignment
int horizontalTextPosition
int iconTextGap
boolean ignoreRepaint
transient InputMethodListener inputMethodListener
Insets insets = Insets.noInsets
boolean isCompletelyDirty = false
int isFocusTraversableOverridden
boolean isPacked
transient KeyListener keyListener
KeyListener keyListener
LayoutManager layoutm
LayoutManager layoutMgr
GraphicsLink linkedGraphs
Locale locale = Locale.getDefault ()
Insets margin
Dimension maximumSize
Dimension maxSize
Dimension minimumSize
Dimension minSize
int mnemonicIndex
MouseMotionListener motionListener
transient MouseListener mouseListener
MouseListener mouseListener
transient MouseMotionListener mouseMotionListener
transient MouseWheelListener mouseWheelListener
long multiClickThreshhold
String name
boolean nameExplicitlySet
int nChildren
int ncomponents
boolean newEventsOnly
boolean opaque = false
transient ComponentOrientation orientation = ComponentOrientation.UNKNOWN
transient Container parent
Container parent
transient ComponentPeer peer
Font peerFont
PopupMenu popup
Vector popups
Dimension preferredSize
Dimension prefSize
Icon pressed_icon
boolean requestFocusEnabled
boolean rollOverEnabled
Icon rolloverIcon
Icon rolloverSelectedIcon
Icon selectedIcon
String text
String toolTipText
boolean valid
int verticalAlignment
int verticalTextPosition
boolean visible = true
int WIDTH = 1
int width
int x
int y

Static Package Attributes

static final int BORDER_WIDTH = 2
static final int IS_ADD_NOTIFIED = 0x400
static final int IS_ASYNC_UPDATED = 0x4000
static final int IS_BG_COLORED = 0x1000
static final int IS_DIRTY = 0x8000
static final int IS_FG_COLORED = 0x800
static final int IS_FONTIFIED = 0x2000
static final int IS_IN_UPDATE = 0x10
static final int IS_LAYOUTING = 0x08
static final int IS_MODAL = 0x80
static final int IS_MOUSE_AWARE = 0x10000
static final int IS_NATIVE_LIKE = 0x100
static final int IS_OLD_EVENT = 0x20
static final int IS_OPENED = 0x200
static final int IS_PARENT_SHOWING = 0x04
static final int IS_RESIZABLE = 0x40
static final int IS_TEMP_HIDDEN = 0x20000
static final int IS_VALID = 0x02
static final int IS_VISIBLE = 0x01
static boolean isPaintingDoubleBuffered = false
static Rectangle noDeco = new Rectangle()
static final Object treeLock = new String("AWT_TREE_LOCK")
static Object treeLock = new TreeLock()

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -3128248873429850443L


class  AccessibleJToggleButton
class  ToggleButtonModel

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